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Contact: nitro (at) gog-clan (dot) com or shadow (at) gog-clan (dot) com

These are the rules you have to follow:
If you do not follow these rules you will be warned, kicked or banned 

1| Respect admins, clan members and other users of this server
2| No racism
3| No insulting or flaming
4| No pornographic Sprays, etc.
5| No advertising of any kind (membersearch, clan, server, ts, etc.)
6| No spamming in chat or voice chat (also no music or screaming)
7| Only German and/or English in voice and writen-chat.
8| No votekicks/votebans without any good reasons and when an admin is on the server it's forbidden
9| Don't use any unauthorized console commands!
10| All cheaters, hackers and scripters will be banned permanently
11| If there is any admin abusing then simply record a demo and send it to or upload it our our forum
12| If there is a hacker/rule breaker on the server, please record a demo and upload it on and/or type !calladmin in chat
13| No jumpspam or bunnyhop (max. 2 jumps and after that min. 5 footsteps)
14| No duckspam / crouchspam (max. 1-2 ducks in a row)
15| No camping (Max 5 seconds without movement; Exception: Player is in Combat)
16| No spawncamp (Move away from spawn area! Exception: Player is in Combat)
17| If a map has ladders, please don't jump on it and shoot abusively, if such a behavior is seen, you will get warned and punished accordingly.
**| Speedhacks, name changers and other things = kick or ban!
**| If a rule is not listed here it does not mean you can break it!
**| Follow these rules or bear the consequences!

Important Info:

If you have bad INTERNET or your computer is OLDER, than there should be some laggs if there are MORE than 25 players online! 
These laggs are coming from YOU and NOT from the server!

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