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Contact: nitro (at) gog-clan (dot) com or shadow (at) gog-clan (dot) com

These are the rules you have to follow:
If you do not follow these rules you will be warned, kicked or banned

1| Respect admins, clan members and other users of this server
2| No racism
3| No insulting or flaming
4| No pornographic Sprays, etc.
5| No advertising of any kind (membersearch, clan, server, ts, etc.)
6| No spamming in chat or voice chat (also no music or screaming)
7| Only German and/or English in voice and writen-chat.
8| No votekicks/votebans without any good reasons and when an admin is on the server it's forbidden
9| Don't use any unauthorized console commands!
10| All cheaters, hackers and scripters will be banned permanently
11| If there is any admin abusing then simply record a demo and send it to or upload it our our forum
12| If there is a hacker/rule breaker on the server, please record a demo and upload it on and/or type !calladmin in chat
**| Speedhacks, name changers and other things = kick or ban!
**| If a rule is not listed here it does not mean you can break it!
**| Follow these rules or bear the consequences!

Important Info:

If you have bad INTERNET or your computer is OLDER, than there should be some laggs if there are MORE than 25 players online! 
These laggs are coming from YOU and NOT from the server!

NEW RULE !! Important : Fast Switch scripts / binds are prohibited! The admins are going to warn you if you use it, but then it may result in a ban!!

RPG Rules:

1| No Gang!
**| Gang is when a freezed person or his attacker is attacked. The freezed player can shoot everyone while he is freezed.
2| No Airknife!
**| It is prohibited to knife a person who is freezed in the air.
3| No Airshoot!
**| It is prohibited to shoot a person who is freezed in the air.
4| You can only make an AFK count if the afk player inevitably hinders the duel, or he is the last one alive!
4.1| You can only count AFK/rein if you are standing in the duell zone!
4.2| If you are standing in the duell zone, and you count someone, who is afk, you can kill him after you have counted. (If another player kills the counted player, he will be slayed)
5| The waiting room is NOT a regeneration room!
6| You can not request for a freekill when there is an admin on the server!
7| The last player is not bound to leave the duell zone, except by 1on1. Otherwise the larger team musst go and make a duell!
8| Protruding body parts, that stick out of the door of the duell/waiting room, can be shot!
9| You can not go in and leave the duellroom continuously! (Breaking this rule will result in a slay!)
10| If you do not say, that you were freekilled, in the same round, than you have no right for a Freekill!
11| Leveling is prohibited! (EXCEPTION: A player with high level can give freekill to a low level player.)
12| If a player is being freezed, his teammate is not allowed to stand inside the player or to give his weapon to him!
13| If a player is being freezed and his attacker is dead, nobody is allowed to attack the player until he is not unfreezed!
14| Fast Switch scripts / binds are prohibited!

Duell Rules:

**| Those, who go in the duell room with low Health Points can't request for Health Points! If he goes in with 10HP than he must start with 10 HP!
1| These rules activate after someone goes inside the duellzone.
**| awp/scout _pro_v2_fixed: Apply in the duel zone and the entrance!
**| awp/scout- knivez/ _big: In CT Spawn (Big room)!
2| There should be only 2 players making a duell at the same time!
3| Each player stays in a corner (Opposite).
4| To start the duell just shoot once on the floor (If you don't make this, it's rule breaking!).
5| Zooming in duell is restricted!
**| Knifing in duell is restricted!
**| Do NOT involve in duell (shooting anyone who makes duell at that time).
**| Shooting through the door is restricted!
**| Knifing of any kind in the waiting room is prohibited!
6| The duell ends, when one player died!
**| When nobody goes in the duell room, but there are players standing in the waiting room than the other has to make a countdown (rein1, rein2, rein3)!
7| Shooting inside or outside the duell room is only allowed in the first 5 seconds! (SPAWN TO SPAWN or SPAWN TO OUTSIDE)
8| Duckspam is prohibited during the Duell!
9| When 2 players of the same team are in the duell room, than the enemy can choose if he wants to kill them or not!
10| awp/scout_pro: Players, who are standing in the angled entrance area of the waiting room, are NOT allowed to be shot resp. NOT shoot outside.

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